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June 14, 2007


Esther Kustanowitz, NYC

The Jewish People is likely one of the first documented startups. And without Cain's wanderings, Adam and Eve (setting the precedent for generations of future parents) wouldn't have needed for Al Gore to create the internet and email.

So my understanding of history's a little off. But I too, am awed by the growing speakers list.I know that your participation will be a real contribution to the Institute, and I am looking forward to meeting you in Jerusalem.

Ariel Beery

Thanks so much for the post, Jacob! As I've written before, we're huge fans of your work past and present, and hope to learn more about your plans for the future. There are few people in this world that have the rare combination of skills, interests and abilities as you do--so the honor is truly all ours.

The speaker's list keeps growing and our anticipation, too. Wish everyone's help, I hope this summer will provide fertile ground for new approaches and new vision.

Very much looking forward to learning from you.

Joel Rothschild

Jacob, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation for the PICZ crowd this evening! I also admired your very constructive show-don't-tell discipline in the ensuing discussion. (For instance, when the question of Hebrew-vs.-English was raised, I had been ready to bust out with declarations of how Modern Hebrew isn't the sole container of Hebrew Culture any more than Ashkenazi frumkeit is the sole container of religious heritage, and Rashi's Hebrew is full of medieval French, and the radial layout of typeset Gemara was a Catholic invention, Leonard Cohen is a great Hebrew poet, and on and on; but I believe the personal anecdote of your encounter with the Hebraicization of "videotape" was a perfectly elegant answer, and probably more the way of peace.)

I left wanting more discussion of the practical long-term ramifications of our people's creativity being invested so heavily in a service economy that is fundamentally powered by someone else's industrial base and energy. Not wanting because I found flaw in the perspective you presented, but because it sounds like the framework is really there -- an integral view of Zion -- and that makes it possible to venture into the real, crazy tachlis. Which is exciting! I am looking forward to where this conversation goes, and I thank you for setting the table for us so beautifully.

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