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July 19, 2007


Moshe Maeir

There are a few things to learn here. One, not all VCs are smart, even if they have hundreds of millions under management.
Two, there is still much to be done in Voice services, beyond supplying cheap minutes, which is what we are trying to do at our company. I am happy that others see this also.
Jon Arnold - http://blogs.pulver.com/jarnold/archives/2007/07/sun_rocket_refu.html
and The Deal - http://techconfidential.thedealblogs.com/2007/07/angels_back_flat_planet_phone.php
(the numbers mentioned there are off...)

Ofir Leitner

I agree that VoIP services are becoming a commodity and that's VoIP via 3G is more than problematic.

However, There's one frontier that is still interesting in VoIP, and that's VoIP calls over WiFi-enabled phones. It can actually create a new balance between operators and other service providers, and in my opinion it poses a huge opportunity.

You can read my post on that subject:


I'm going with Packet8 from http://voic.com and am really happy. I get my cell phone and high-speed Internet from them already so why not. But I'm still really pissed of at SR! I think those in charge should be investigated.


Rohit Patel

mpingi, a sunrocket rival is offering special offers for exisiting sun rocket customers who can no longer access the sunrocket service because of the company failure. if you are a sunrocket customer, i suggest you check out their offers... check out http://www.1800-info.com/sunrocket/index2.php ive filled the form, waiting for them to get in touch with me...offers seem rather interesting!

Ivan Swartz

When SunRocket went down, I went browsing to see which VoIP company can provide the best transition deals to the previous SunRocket customers. Finally, I noticed the promotional offers of Lingo for SunRocket customers located at http://www.lingo.com/shop/promotions/sunrocket.jsp. They have good plans for SunRocket customers. Moreover, they have a good coverage over US and 22 countries across the world. Above the all, anyone can avail of its annual international calling plan just for $195.

I thought Lingo could be a better option for ex-SunRocket customers. Their important calling plans have good promo offers such as one month free, free shipping, free second phone line, free office assistant, free activation, free equipment and 30 day money back guarantee.

billy mathew

I was a former SunRocket customer but now switched to Lingo owing to its poor quality of service. At present, Lingo is very good alternative VOIP service for SunRocket customers to switch on. Even its $14.95 economical Small Talk calling plan gives you the best value for your money. This plan is fully packed with great features such as 500 day and night calling minutes to make calls to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, free unlimited calling to other in-network lingo subscribers, local number portability, online account management plus all the advanced and basic features.

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