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December 26, 2007


Peter Cranstone

Depends if it makes me change our current financial spreadsheet. Which I doubt because it still isn't a real business with earnings.


Just to mention another user facing company with no clear business model and a lot of hype, think about Google.

People used to be skeptic about Google too.

Go back to end of 04 and find a lot of articles claiming GOOG will never cross the $200 per share. I'm sure these people would have wanted to erase these predictions as Google is now over $700 per share in case you've missed that.

BTW, the Market Cap on Google is now >$200B.
Do you now think it was a good idea to buy them right after the IPO? Would have been a nice upside for JC.

When disruptive things come out it's really hard to imagine their value. I do think that Microsoft is nothing but irrational about this and I'm sure they have the right brains in place to look at it with careful eyes.

Just my two cents...

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