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December 23, 2007


Peter Cranstone

Finally, someone confronts reality. Google has real earnings - Facebook has revenues and NO earnings.

Real businesses have earnings. Until then it's anybodies guess.

Ariel Beery

Wish I knew about the lecture! I'd love to be there.

Truth be told, I'd pay more than $1 -- I pay $18 a month for newsletter programs, and yet I get much more popular coverage through Facebook. But then again, I'm looking for an organizing tool.

So maybe folks like me could keep it afloat.


jon burg

Facebook has to begin charging brands for widgets, videos and added value plays beyond that which is normally available.

This doesn't necessarily entail curtailing the user experience, however it does require that Facebook scale back future opportunities and allow them to live primarily in branded arenas.

Paid brand empowerment need not be about user interruption or annoyance, rather it best lives at the fusion of brand AND user experience empowerment.



An interesting article on Facebook and its finances (there is a link to the original article).


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