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February 28, 2008




Interesting article. " make sure that people are aligned" 100% agreed.

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Michael Rubin

I think you made a very good point. I watched many angel investors and high end funds disintegrate at the end of the 90's early 00's due to the "bubble" bursting.

Too many times their expectations of everything being a grand slam, and a World Series winning Grand Slam (the ultimate), fed by the uncontrollable Internet boom, made them forget that you need a strategy, you need mutual buy-in (alignment), and you need end-goals.

David Sickmiller

Actually, the metaphor works really well if you consider that ballparks are of all different shapes and sizes. So a ball hit 400 feet in Fenway Park would be a home run but it would fall short in Houston. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballpark#Variations.

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