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May 22, 2011



"If it wasn’t “difficult and complicated” to do what we are doing than it would be far less exciting and rewarding. If it were easy to do what we are doing – why invest?"

Investors invest to make money, not necessarily everyone attempts to invest in the audacious and hope for the best. And just because something is difficult and/or complicated, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a success. Don't confuse the two.

"The barrier to entry would be too low."

First, low barrier of entries aren't specific to how difficult something would be to build. Second, it doesn't need to be insanely difficult in order to be valuable. Moderate and in some cases low barrier of entry isn't always such a bad thing. You can create a new layer of difficulty.

"And I believe it is the role of a venture capitalist to back visions that are difficult and complicated to execute on."

VCs back people more than they do visions and ideas. While visions and ideas are part of the equation, the people matter more. Reading this blog post, I'd be hard press invest albeit there isn't enough info about you for me to really make that judgement call. I get that the insanely difficult excites you, but don't let that fool you into foregoing other important factors out there.


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